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PMF Finance PLC which has a very diversified product range has been trusted by our customers for more than 38 years!  Gold loans is one of our very relied upon services, which has won the hearts of countless customers for the past decade by extending our services to the urban and rural sector that is spread across the country. People’s Merchant Finance Gold loans (Pawning) is an easy way to obtain a short-term finance for any kind of income generating activity or any other consumer needs. If you are over the age of 18, you are eligible to obtain Gold loans under this scheme against pledge of gold jewelry, gold biscuits and coins.


  • We offer you very flexible schemes of gold loans which allows you to customize the rate of advance, rate of interest and repayment schemes as per your wishes and requirements.
  • We offer you very competitive low interest rates per month without any other chargers, which is very low in comparison to many others offering this service.
  • Our Company always offers an attractive rate of advance depending on the caratage of the gold, and gold jewelry.
  • We complete your transaction within 5 minutes.
  • We are accepting any kind of gold articles (Ex:- Tube ,Stone and multiple items).
  • The pledged articles could be redeemed at any time of the day with no prior notice.
  • You can reduce capital value at any time.
  • Your interest can be serviced through any branch within our branch network.
  • Our PMF gold loans comprise of no hidden charges such as document charges, surcharges, insurance charges and etc.
  • We provide a free insurance for your valued gold articles.
  • Your articles could be redeemed all at once, or article by article.
  • Customers presence not required for interest payments and renewals.
  • Our friendly, professional and trained staff will serve you with utmost of confidentiality and privacy using the latest technology without any damage to your gold articles.

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